Life with you makes perfect sense

Life with you makes perfect sense

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


As I have gone back to work full time I often wonder what I miss with Jagger during those 6-10 hour days. The days used to be our special time to learn, go on adventures and just spend time with one another. Now we try to cram those special moments at night and on the weekends. It's so difficult to be away from him but I am full of gratitude that our bond has stayed intact and that he is so well taken care of by my mom and Jeff. 

I feel like I need to document the small things about Jagger because eventually those will be the big things as I look back on them. I love this quote and it pretty much sums up how I feel about my babe... “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

Jagger is such a social butterfly and has no fear of being himself and showing himself to the world. How I admire this and hope he will keep this confidence through out his life. He smiles and says "Hi" to everyone he comes in contact with and truly is a charmer to all those he passes by. 

He is smart! So smart it shocks me! He has this eagerness for learning and asks so many questions about things and has so much curiosity about his big world. Jags is starting preschool in August and I am so excited for him and know he will love it. 

Jags is fun and has such a fun personality! He has this zest for life and will find joy in each moment. I remember telling him that it was time for bed and as we were walking to bed he started spinning in circles and giggling. It made my heart happy and made me realize how important it is to stop and just enjoy the moment. That is something Jagger teaches me constantly which is to live in the moment.

Jags, you are my wild, loving, sweet and adventurous little guy. You have the biggest heart and do what you can to make people feel loved and happy with you. You have such a sensitive soul and has this great love for others and I'm grateful you have such a heart of gold. 

One of my favorite things about you is that you are actually funny, genuinely funny. I always ask if you are my baby and you immediately say, "No, I Jagger Jones!" You love superheroes and know all of their names, you love animals, laughing, playing and being a "boy." 

I am truly blessed beyond measure with him and he will always be the stars in my sky. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our 2015!

I finally have sometime to blog and I figured hey why not just review the year because I have not been blogging very well this year.... 

So it begins.. In January we went to Las Vegas for our business Girls R Fanz 2, and it was a pretty successful trip! We had a few orders and made new contacts. Let's be honest in the business world it's all about connections. Other than business Jagger started smiling and it melted everyone. He was a pretty fast smiler and now that I know his personality it doesn't surprise me. 

The next big thing that happened for us was in April when we surprised Mason for his birthday and went to Disneyland with the family! It was so much fun but we learned quickly how having a baby seriously changed everything. We were always late and slowing everyone down because of feedings and diaper changes.
But let's be honest... My family is obsessed with Jag so they didn't care too much. California and Disneyland was an absolute blast! 
In July my mom and I did the Bubble Run and it was a lot of fun but it also made me realize how much energy and muscle I lost and that was a little discouraging. But hopefully I will be stronger by the next run. 
The next few months we enjoyed Jagger's firsts. It was so fun to watch him experience new things for the first time. 
First time in Park City

First Aquarium experience 
First time at the Zoo 
First time driving 😉
Jagger's first parade and the first parade he was in for winning a baby contest! 

Our summer was filled with firsts and so many fun activities and fall and winter didn't disappoint either. 
First time at the Utah State Fair 

Zion Trip in October with the family! 
Halloween he was a little bee! 

Seeing the temple lights

Meeting Santa 
His first birthday party!

As I look back on all of these memories I realize more and more how much Jagger has enriched our lives. I don't remember life without him and couldn't imagine going a day without his smiles and laughs. 
He started walking at nine months so he is an expert at walking now. He loves to tease and play with cars and his vacuum. He is always on the go and he's definitely our "curious George." The one "issue" we have with this little love bug is his sleep! Just sleep Jagger! We are all waiting for him to sleep this year and in his own crib. Other than that we love him, need him and want him around at all times. 

Parker has been working like crazy between side jobs, taking on a supervisor position and call outs. We miss him but we are so thankful for his amazing work ethic so that Jag and I can stay together during the day. He absolutely loves being a father and he's so good at it! We are all proud of him!  

This year I decided to apply to the Substance Abuse Program at the University of Utah. At the end of July I was unexpectedly accepted! I was so excited and in August I started the intense program with 13 credits, a practicum/internship, homework, working a few hours a week and taking care of Jagger full time. It has been such an amazing experience but it's absolutely exhausting! I will graduate in May and have a job all ready for me. It's pretty amazing! I love the work and my clients that I already have. 

This year has been an amazing year filled with love, laughter, success  and sometimes a lot of faith and hope with it. We are excited and ready for 2016 and what it will bring for us! 


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Becoming a mom

 I have been wanting to write about my experience on becoming a mom for awhile. However, finding time is a whole different story but I found it today while Jagger is laying on me fast asleep!
 Before I got pregnant I remember nannying and thinking to myself, "I am so glad I get to leave at the end of the day." I remember holding my my little buddy and thinking, "I'm glad this is not my life." Don't get me wrong, I love and adore all of the kids I have nannied for but I wasn't ready for my own at that time.
Fast forward almost three years later and I'm holding my little Jagger thinking, "I'm so happy this is my life!" There is something special about having a baby of my own and becoming his mom. People would always tell me that it would be different with your own child but I had a hard time believing them. Luckily they were right. 
As I have transitioned to a mom I have learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses. I quickly learned how natural it was for me to be a mom and how quickly I could identify his needs and wants. Granted he is the easiest baby ever but this boosted my self confidence.  
 I also learned that I can get overwhelmed with day to day obligations, like cleaning, paying bills making myself and Parker a priority. I always joke and say, "The world needs to stop until I figure this whole baby thing out." Unfortunately it doesn't so I just try to be patient with myself and understand that one day things will become normal again, well at least the "new normal." 

What else on becoming a mother? I will tell you my honest truth... 

•My motherhood isn't very glamorous.

1. I am literally in my pjs 96% of the time.
 A. I don't care because I am home all day. 
 B. I'm still having hot flashes like I am a fifty year old woman going through menopause. 
 C. My clothes still don't fit. Which leads me to number two... 

2. My clothes don't fit! Haha 
 A. This baby weight won't go away. Everyone said if you breastfeed the pounds will melt right off unless you're me.. Unfortunately that isn't always the case and lucky me I am one of them that get to keep the pounds on until I am finished breastfeeding. Lame! 

3. My hair has fallen out in clumps!!! Say what?? Yeah I heard of it but I thought I was in the clear. Four months later and boom! Clumps of hair everywhere! It doesn't help that Jagg pulls my hair out as well. (sigh) 

• My motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me! How does that work? I know I just complained about my looks going to hell after having this little "look sucker baby" but it's the best! 

1. Jagger! Need I say more? He is the happiest and easiest baby I have ever known. Seriously I have known a lot of babies in my life and I can I easily say he is the easiest and happiest! 

Motherhood is hard because your mind is always focused on them. They are always the number one priority even if you are completely stretched out thin. Everyone else including yourself might as well hop in line and pray that one day I get to them. It's a juggling act at its finest. It's the most unglamorous situation I have been in, including camping haha But it's also the best! 
 You are stretched thin but somehow you still keep going. You think you are at your breaking point but then you get inspiration to push through. You find out you are seriously one strong person and think, "If I can do this, I can do anything!" You realize you were made to do this and it brings you comfort. Lastly you get moments when my Jagger looks at me, laughs, smiles, grabs my hand or even cries and my heart melts. You then think this is what it's all about. 
So yeah motherhood is hard but it's also what I was meant to do and it is so rewarding.
I can't imagine my life without him. Little Jagg you are my whole world and becoming your mom is the best thing that has ever happened. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Jagger Matthew Jones

| Birth Story! |
On December 10th my original due date, my doctor and I discussed an induction date. He wanted to do Christmas Eve and I said, "No way!" I begged him for a different date because I did not want my family to have a Christmas birthday and a Christmas Eve birthday. I also literally have had labor pains since 32 weeks and my body was always in pain. So I think he took sympathy on me and set it for December 17th! 

The night before Parker cleaned the house while my mom and I went to get my nails done. We came home re packed the suitcase and went over last minute details. Parker and I watched a movie and kept saying how crazy it will be to have a little us tomorrow! We tried to go to sleep but we basically tossed and turned all night. Around 4:00 AM I started having more contractions. This is nothing new but it kept me up until it was time to call the hospital. 7:00 AM finally arrived and they told me to head over! 

We checked in and my doctor Kenneth Larsen broke my water and pitocin soon followed. I was at 2 centimeters when I got to the hospital and they told me it would take about an hour a centimeter. I waited until about 10:00 am and figured what the heck let's get an epidural. The epidural killed because I have this crazy shaped back and it wouldn't go in on the first or second time but finally the third time. 

The next few hours my mom,dad, Tammie and Parker kept me company. We watched Splash, Judge Judy and other horrible day time shows. I stalled at a four for a few hours and I was upset because I did not want a c-section. 

Finally around 6:00 they checked me and I was at a 7+! We were ecstatic!! The nurses shift changed and in walked in my angel nurses Cali and Amber! They were so sweet and really took care of me! Everything was going well until I threw up and ended up with a fever. They watched me carefully but everything was still progressing well. At 9:00 PM they checked and I was at 9+ and it was time to push. I was so scared about becoming a mom. I kept telling my mom that I was scared to breastfeed! Haha 

I started pushing and couldn't figure out how to do it right, Cali said we will just wait and let the baby descend. That was not going to work for me! I said, "No it's happening now!" My mom and Cali finally see his head and kept saying, "He has sooo much hair!" I was excited but more than anything I wanted this boy out once and for all. I kept pushing and had to stop to wait for my doctor. It was the longest ten minutes of my life. My doctor came and in one push I heard my baby! 

It took 45 minutes of pushing and Jagger was here at 10:40 PM! He was beautiful, healthy and perfect but he had a true knot in his umbilical cord. Luckily that didn't effect him or his health. They laid him on my chest and immediately he calmed down and looked right into my eyes. It was a moment I never want to forget. Jagger grabbed onto my gown and started crying when they took him to get weighed. I was immediately in love! 

Two hours later we got transferred to our suite. The nurses suggested I go to the bathroom because my uterus was abnormally high. I stood up and ended up passing out. The next thing I know there are six nurses at my bed side with a code red cart. They were pushing on my stomach and I felt huge blood clots passing. The next push and blood hit the wall! Parker lost it and they told him he should go. I passed out again and my doctor woke me up and I started screaming and he looked at me and said, "Meagan, you need to let me do whatever it takes to save you." I started crying and seriously couldn't believe what was going on. I just kept thinking my mom would have to live with Parker so she could help take care of Jag. I was terrified. I lost two liters of blood. Luckily they were able to get the bleeding to stop. 

Two blood transfusions later I was a little better and my doctor was confident I was in stable condition. 

It was the most amazing day of my life and the most terrifying day as well. I am so incredibly thankful for modern day medicine and for the wonderful staff at Alta View Hospital! I can't thank them enough for what they did for me. It has been a tough recovery but it's worth it!

Jagger is our happy! Everyone including Parker and I are absolutely in love! He is an angel baby and we couldn't be more blessed. 

*Jagger Matthew Jones*
12/17/14• 8lbs• 20.5 inches

Monday, December 8, 2014

And so it is!

I'm sitting here like a log with this weird contentment but having a little anxiety. I am drum roll please.... 39.5 weeks! Yep I pretty much made it full term. After all of that! The fears, tears, and prayers I'm pretty much full term. Life is silly isn't? Looking back at that scary moment I literally only had faith to hold onto. We were extremely blessed with outpouring love, support,food haha and prayers. I could never repay the people who took time out of their busy schedules to say a prayer, or check on us or make dinner for us. We are blessed and I'm so thankful this boy decided to stay in. I am feeling contentment because honestly I love my life. I have such a good life with amazing people in it and I'm nervous for it all to change. 
Not only that but I have a husband that I swear was made for me. This boy has stolen my heart  over and over again these past 9 months. He has been the most perfect husband. He spoils me by taking care of me like he gets paid to do it. Parker does anything and everything and then some. I'm very blessed with a very thoughtful husband. 
I selfishly do not want to share him. I'm so content with just us. But I know this has to eventually change. I know our bond is only going to get stronger. Plus,holy cow he is going to be the cutest daddy! He is soooo excited and I'm so glad I can make a lifetime dream of his come true. I wouldn't want to go on this adventure with anyone else. 
I'm anxious because it could be any day and our lives are going to change for ever! It's such a weird feeling to know that this week we could possibly be parents. I swear I'm still nineteen. But I'm not this picture was when I was nineteen hahaha We look so young! 
 Speaking of which I saw a board on this app that said, "For young moms" I was like oh cool I will join. I start seeing the age group and it was 17-23! Oh haha I guess I'm not as super young as I thought.
Regardless I'm excited, nervous, content and ready for this new chapter! And so it is... 

Friday, October 24, 2014

You're just right for this ride.

I remember when I was younger and I would go to amusement parks and I would get told, "You're too short for this ride." Of course I was always bummed because my brothers would run ahead and I would do the walk of shame back to my mom. 
So here I am on a life roller coaster and apparently I am "tall enough" to ride this ride. I don't remember standing in line for this particular ride but ready or not here we go!

So what ride am I on? Well last Wednesday I started cramping or so I thought. It continued to worsen and happen closer together. Parker and my mom begged me to go to the hospital and I finally caved. We booked it to Alta View's labor and delivery. Sure enough I was having full blown contractions and I was in preterm labor at 32 weeks. I couldn't believe it! 
Luckily they were able to stop the contractions with a shot and medicine. They had me take a test to check and see if I would deliver within the next two weeks and it was positive. They gave me steroid shots for his lungs and put me on strict bed rest. 
I had a doctor's appointed this week and so far my cervix is completely closed. Which I am super thankful for. However I am still having contractions and have to stay on bed rest. The doctor said I can stop bed rest at 36 weeks if I don't deliver before then. 
Not only am I on a wild ride but apparently Parker felt left out and wanted to ride too. This Tuesday Parker started having really bad stomach pains and ended up going to the doctors.
 They scheduled an endoscopy and found nothing! We were relieved but Parker was still in pain. Later that night,Parker got a call from his doctor and was told to head to the ER because they saw calcium build up near his appendix and he could have an appendicitis. So we rushed over and luckily it wasn't an appendicitis. Now they are thinking it could be Crohn's disease. Parker will go on Tuesday for a colonoscopy. We are praying it's nothing serious. 
So for right now our roller coaster ride is stuck and we are waiting for the ride to start up again. It's a little nerve wracking because we don't know if it's the part of the ride that goes up or down. We are praying and having so much faith that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and this baby and the ride will be going up. I know Heavenly Father, for some crazy reason thinks we are right for this ride and I'm trying to have faith in that. 
Although this has been such a hard trial we have been so incredibly blessed with such amazing friends, family and ward members to help us out. We can't thank everyone enough for your prayers, support, faith and yummy dinners. It Seriously brings tears to my eyes to think of all the people helping us fight this hard battle. We couldn't do without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Also a huge shout out to my mom for literally being our cleaner, cook, counselor and angel during this time. She had to be in two places at once when Parker went to the ER and I had to be home. Not only that but keeping me company and helping the days go by faster. 
With all the madness we have been immensely blessed with such beautiful and wonderful people in our lives. Along with a Heavenly Father giving us tender mercies everyday.